Peebies comes from the word peaberries and are beans that are sized at less than screen 14. Our stringent quality analysis ensures that the coffees that we mill are of the highest quality. But sometimes there are great quality beans that don't meet the minimum size requirements for certain preparations. Peebies are those great coffees that slip through the cracks.

Sometimes these small beans are peaberries. Normally the cherry of the coffee plant contains 2 beans that develop with flat sides against each other like two halves of a peanut. Occasionally, one of the coffee beans doesn’t develop the flat side and remains small and round, and these are known as the peaberries.

Peebies usually tend to taste sweeter and more flavorful. About 5% of the world’s coffee falls into the peebies category. Peebies are a blend of coffees from different small- scale producers and different regions, they are especially common in Huila and Tolima. We carefully make this blend in our milling warehouse and it is essentially a blend of a little bit of each of our best coffee lots!

For the decaffeinated process, the green coffee goes through a natural process that uses components from sugar cane processing to wash the coffee and minimize the caffeine content of the bean, but conserving the flavour and aroma of coffee.

The Cup

“Peebies Decaf has notes of caramelized fruits such as bananas and a soft acidity of green apple. It has a very bright profile and a delicate and sweet aftertaste.”